Vietopia RestaurantAlrighty, now my Favorite Asian Restaurant list divergences from Chinese, Szechuan, etc. to Vietopia (, (713) 664-7303).

Vietopia serves (surprise) Vietnamese food for the most part, and the location at 5176 Buffalo Speedway (noticing a pattern to where I eat? Thank goodness Buffalo Speedway is no longer under construction!) next to Kroger's and just north of West University Place is my usual stomping ground.

There are three things that make Vietopia one of my Favorite Asian Restaurants, and that draw me back time and again.  These are their vermicelli bowls, their Vietnamese egg rolls, and their soft spring rolls. I LOVE those menu items, and that's why I heartily recommend the lunch menu, since it lets me get a bowl of pork and eggroll vermicelli served with a soft spring roll (With spicy peanut sauce on the side!), all in one go. They also do an excellent iced Vietnamese coffee as a post-meal thing. Hmmm, now that I think it, I'm about due for another run through here, so, eh, maybe my next day off!

Christopher Martin

Roger Martin Properties