Silver Palace RestaurantAlright, now for something slightly different in my Favorite Asian Restaurant review: Buffets. I tend to hit up Chinese Buffets when I'm in the mood for a variety of food, and that is where they shine: Variety. One-on-one, a proper sit-down restaurant will beat out the quality of food available at a buffet any day of the week. However, the advantage of a buffet is that I can walk in, get a drink, and then, over the course of the meal, nibble on spring rolls, egg rolls, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, dumplings, chicken on-a-stick, spare ribs, white rice, fried rice, fruit, and, depending on the place, cheesecake, all for the price of a single meal elsewhere.The two buffets I recommend are Silver Palace (, 4005-H Bellaire Blvd) and Hunan Chef II (3805 Southwest Freeway).  Both are close to West University Place. Of the two, Silver Palace will have a larger variety at any time, while I think that Hunan Chef has better dumplings and egg rolls, but you won't have quite as much choice. Bit of a toss-up, really, and generally where I end up when in a Buffet mood depends on where I am, how hungry I am, how annoying traffic is being, and a host of other minor facts. These two places have pretty good food, as well, so! Yay! They stay on my Favorite Asian Restaurant list.

Christopher Martin

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