Pei Wei RestaurantRight!  The third of my Favorite Asian Restaurants is Pei Wei ((713) 661-0900, one I visit is located at 5110 Buffalo Speedway #100, in the Kroger Parking Lot just north of West University Place.

Pei Wei is kinda different from the other asian restaurants I've talked about so far in that it is designed for grab-and-run eating. It isn't the sort of place most people would go for a quiet dinner. The place is usually fairly busy (I have yet to really feel 'crowded', however. I generally don't have trouble finding any sitting) and noisy. Probably part of the design, really. I've been told that noisy places are 'fun', so. The menu is nicely displayed on big shiny electronic boards as you walk in, as well as at the cash registers. The main meal I end up getting, almost without fail, is the Pad Thai noodle bowl. I suppose I'm a 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' sort of fellow. Also allows for variety, as all of their noodle bowls come available in beef, chicken, shrimp, or veggie. This applies to most of the menu, which does give you a very nice amount of choice on things. Don't feel like sesame chicken? They probably have sesame beef. Want to get shrimp instead of chicken? They can probably do that.

The appetizers are really quite nice here. The Thai wonton soup has a nice bit of mint in it, giving it a lighter taste than some other restaurant's recipes, and I adore the sauce they serve with their crab puffs. They do excellent lettuce wraps, as well.

Average order of fountain drink, soup, and a bowl of Pad Thai is just shy of $12 dollars, passing it by a bit if I am in the mood to spring for Shrimp Pad Thai.

I'm afraid I can't really recommend many other items on the menu, though. Not because they're bad, perish the thought! I, however, am addicted enough to the Pad Thai that I find it difficult to actually order something new when I go there. That speaks well of them, come to think it.  And keeps them on my Favorite Asian Restaurant list!

Christopher Martin

Roger Martin Properties