Hunan's RestaurantNumber two on the list of Favorite Asian Restaurants is Hunan's (713-666-2000, Hunan's is located at 3835 Bellaire, right next to that new Molina's that just opened up and just across the street from West University Place.This place is one of my favorite lunch joints. They do an excellent lunch special with about thirty items on the menu, including my favorite here, the Orange Chicken. Lunch combos include a side, choice of fried or white rice, and the entree bit. I usually stick to the afore-mentioned Orange Chicken, but sometimes will go for soup and an appetizer (they also do nice dumplings here), or grab a bite from their small Vietnamese menu. The Vietnamese eggrolls are surprisingly filling, you see. Another nice, quiet restaurant, plenty of seating, and I adore the hot jasmine tea which they serve in a teapot with a proper small ceramic cup. I enjoy the chicken dishes in general here.One of the neater items on the menu (which I haven't done in a while, alas) is the Bo Bo Platter Appetizer. This item was always a hit with my friends and me when we were kids: They bring you a spinning platter with lots of egg rolls, spare ribs, shrimp rolls, beef sticks, and fried shrimp king Crab Rangoon, all arranged over a small burning open flame so you can toast and heat the appetizers up to personal preference. There's just something fun about eating freshly extra-grilled beefsticks with a toasted cherry on top!

Prices at Hunan's for lunch tend to be quite reasonable, running from $6.75 to $7.95 on the combos. One thing to note, however, is that they do not have dinner combos, so if you head in for an evening meal on your own (as I do) your best bet is to stick to the appetizers or the Vietnamese menu, since a full-on entree is a bit much to eat -- even for me.

Check out Hunan's - my #2 Favorite Asian Restaurant!

Christopher Martin

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