Cynthia Candela of Roger Martin PropertiesPlease give a big welcome to Cynthia Candela, the newest Sales Associate at Roger Martin Properties.

Cynthia has just earned her real estate license.  I believe that her life has uniquely qualified her to succeed at real estate.  Let's start with her high energy and enthusiasm.  Then let's add in her previous sales and marketing experience.  Cynthia has taught children with learning disabilities, both professionally and as a volunteer, so right away I knew she had to be a great communicator.  And her artistic bent is shown in her award-winning, published faux finishing skills.

Cynthia's two children are now college-age.  She lives and works in West U.  In fact, her husband Stephen was raised in the neighborhood, and they both love close-knit, "college town" feel of West University Place.  I can personally testify to the quality of the homes that Stephen and his brother build under the name Candela Custom Homes.

Cynthia, we are so excited to have you here.  We expect great things from you!

Roger Martin

Roger Martin Properties