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May 19, 2010

Owner Financing - New Rules for Small Landlords

Owner Financing - New Rules for Small LandlordsThe rules for owner financing have just changed. Mortgage fraud was one of the contributing factors in the recent financial crisis.  In 2008, Congress passed the SAFE Act, hoping to clean up the mortgage mess by requiring lenders to be licensed (like Realtors).  This new law has had unintended ...

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April 27, 2010

"Net Inward Migration" favors Houston, West University Place

2010 CensusNet inward migration is changing the labor pool in Houston and West University Place.  And those changes are documented on the 2010 survey.

I timed myself – it took just six minutes to complete my 2010 Census questionnaire.  And, as of April 27, 2010, between 81 and 83 ...

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April 17, 2010

Houston - Technology Incubators Changing the World

Technology IncubatorHouston has just been cited by for its innovative technolgy incubator...

April 16, 2010

A good chunk of recent U.S. economic stimulus efforts were aimed at refurbishing roads and electrical grids--activities that create jobs in a hurry. Creating jobs by creating companies takes more time, but the ...

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March 23, 2010

Houston - Best Cities for Borrowers

Houston Best City for BorrowersHouston has been named by as one of the best cities for borrowers...

March 22, 2010

Record-low mortgage rates should be good news for homebuyers, but restrictive lending still makes it hard to get a good loan in most parts of the country.  Yet in a few ...

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Dec. 1, 2009

Houston Economy - Federal Reserve Update

Houston Economic Update - Federal ReserveThe Houston economy is so vibrant that The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas keeps an economist on staff here.  This article gives an interesting update on the state of our city.

December 2009

Houston at year-end showed clear signs of sustained economic improvement: Job losses continued to shrink, the unemployment ...

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Nov. 1, 2009

Houston Economy - Federal Reserve Update

Houston Economic Update - Federal ReserveThe Federal Reserve reported on the state of the Houston economy...

November 2009

... Both new and existing home sales were up sharply in both September and October in Houston compared with 12 months ago. Local agents point to a definite impact on the local market from the new-homeowner tax credit ...

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Oct. 23, 2009

West University Place - Not a Foreclosure Market

Foreclosure in West University Place

Is real estate in West University Place a "foreclosure market"?  Nope!  Please don’t mistake the green dots on this map for trees – they are foreclosures.  The Center for Public Policy at U of H has released the map above from a study on Inner Loop homes ...

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Oct. 8, 2009

FOUND MONEY! Check the Unclaimed Property Websites

Finding money on unclaimed funds websites

After a change of address - which of course is what my real estate clients all do - it can be a good idea (and fun!) to check the unclaimed property websites for "found money".  It is all too easy for a utility deposit or a tax refund to be left ...

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Sept. 25, 2009

Loco-Motion on Houston Railroads

Tour of Houston Railroads

Many thanks to our friend Paul Martin for a ticket to the Rice Design Alliance’s recent Freight Rail Tour.  This trip gave a fascinating look at Houston railroads - the industry that helped he city grow into today’s economic powerhouse.

Freight railroads were once thought to be fading away -- but current traffic ...

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Sept. 4, 2009

Houston - Best Cities To Earn A Living

Houston is Best City to Earn a has just named Houston as one of the Best Cities to Earn a Living.  See the quote below...

September 3, 2009

For the exasperated job-seeker to whom employment opportunities seem bleaker than ever, salvation may lie in the Lone Star State. Texas, home to dozens of energy ...

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