West U is Blue Chip Real EstateForbes.com has just named West University Place one of the "Best Blue Chip Real Estate Investments"!

West University Place

Median Home Sale Price:  $663,740

Price Growth Since 1990:  194%

… West University Place, a smaller city within Houston, originally chose to remain separate from the big city for tax purposes, and has its own city council, postal system and school system.  West U is effectively an urban suburb, and has the feel of a place outside the city limits.  In other words, a very desirable place to live.  Texas is home to some of the nation’s most affordable markets, yet West U has experienced extremely potent price growth since 1990.

Matt Woolsey, www.Forbes.com, December 7, 2007

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Thank you Forbes, for confirming what we Realtors have known all along!  West University Place is a great neighborhood with strong appreciation in real estate values... making us one of the "Best Blue Chip Real Estate Investments" in the country!