Roger Martin has completed (again!) the MS 150 Bike Ride

April 16-17, 2005 - The 2005 MS 150 marks my second completion of this grueling bicycle tour.  This year, I rode in honor of a friend with Multiple Sclerosis. I printed her photo and pictures of all my sponsors on a bandana and kept it with me during the ride. So we all rode together, a tad sweaty but united in spirit. Like last year, I stayed overnight with my wonderful “host mom”, who pampered me all over again.  The surprise this year, however, was at the finish line.My biking buddy, Larry Massey, is the former president of the Houston MS chapter and is still one of their biggest fund-raisers. How can I put this? This guy is connected!

So much so, that he was asked to ride in with Governor Rick Perry. And as Larry’s lowly biking buddy, I got to tag along. They transported us all to a staging point where we formed up into a cavalcade. We’re talking black limos, movie cameras, press crew – the whole political parade scene. Then with flags flying and motorcycle cops in attendance, we pedaled the last few miles into Austin. The crowds went wild, of course!

I don’t think there is any way that I can ever top that experience.  I am therefore declaring the 2005 MS 150 my last-ever. I am not hanging up my wheels, by any means.  I definitely intend to keep riding the less-crowded training routes that precede the big race. But next year, I think I will let another rider take my slot!

Roger Martin