Roger Martin and Larry Massey completed the 2004 MS 150 bicycle ride

I am pleased to report that my biking partner, Larry Massey, and I completed the full, two-day 2004 MS 150 bicycle ride on April 17-18, 2004– and it really was uphill and against the wind.  Honest!

Larry is the one who talked me into tackling this event.  For several years, he was president of Houston’s MS chapter. We trained for this race together.

The 2004 MS 150 was an amazingly well-organized event, with water, pit stops, and bike repair offered all along the route. Most of the 15,000 riders stay overnight in the tiny community of LaGrange, which puts a definite strain on the town’s capacity.  The parks become huge tent cities; other riders use the local hotels. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce organizes a “Put Up a Pedaler” Program, whereby local residents host a biker in exchange for a donation to a local charity.

My “host mom” was a jewel!  She called ahead to get my breakfast preferences, picked us up and dropped us off at the starting line, and fed us all a spaghetti supper at her church. I was entirely pampered.

I might even do this again. Although my pride was slightly injured when I was passed on the last hill by the tiny blonde on the pink Barbie bike, all tricked out in pink streamers and a ding-a-ling bell!

Many thanks to all my generous sponsors.

Roger Martin