Tips for Lead Generation - finding Your next real estate clientYour Next Real Estate Client

When it comes to finding your next real estate client, a broad and disciplined approach is necessary.  Here are eleven tips for Lead Generation...

  • Work Your Sphere - Keep in regular contact with your past customers.  You know they love you!
  • Work Your Farm – which is your favorite neighborhood?  Where are you the expert?  How are you visible in that neighborhood?
  • Think digital.  Your customers are searching online.  Is your online presence static or freshly updated?
  • Search Me! -- Check your online presence by running a Google search on your name.  If your name is very common, you may have to work a lot harder to make sure your customers can distinguish you from everyone else named Smith or Jones.
  • Go Broad -- Research shows that multiple marketing techniques reinforce each other.  For example, LL Bean has a website and a catalog, and they both reference back to each other.  Keep your marketing eggs in several baskets.
  • Borrow a Listing -- Hold a listed home open to the public. Note that it does not have to be your listing, just an attractive one.  Collect as many email addresses as you can, and begin sending these people useful information.
  • Communicate -- Respond to phone calls fast.  The public expects a near-instant answer these days.
  • Be the Expert - Pick a good listing of someone else’s, and send it out as a “Hot Tip” or “Best Deal” – Hey, we may not always have the listings we want, but we can always have opinions.
  • Follow Your Passion – joining an organization just for the networking seldom yields benefits.  But working on a common and well-loved cause will help you meet compatible people.
  • Stick to it – it takes time for a new marketing strategy to work.  Let it run for several months, and then check the numbers to evaluate the new strategy versus the old.  Then make a decision to continue or not.
  • Be Flexible - Try something new every year.  Marketing is the proverbial moving target.  You must be creative when finding your next real estate client.

Roger Martin