Juggling Real Estate ClientsJuggling Real Estate Clients

OK, so you closed that really great sale with your first real estate client!  Now what?  Do you kick back, lounge around the house in your PJ’s, and spend money like mad?  Well it is certainly tempting!

Newbie Realtors tend to do just that – work one real estate client until closing, and then begin all over again with a new person.

Experienced Realtors, however, juggle multiple real estate clients simultaneously – in all stages of the sales process. Think of boxes moving down a conveyor belt.  When one box falls off the end of the belt, another box moves into its place.

From first to last in the real estate process, the boxes on your conveyor belt might be labeled as follows:

  • Just Curious
  • Definitely Interested
  • Seriously Shopping
  • Making an Offer
  • Under Contract
  • About to Close

Keeping all these customers moving forward at once takes skill and practice.  Some real estate trainers call the process "incubating".  Whatever you call it, a professional agent must keep something coming down that conveyor belt at all times.  Otherwise, you will find yourself stuck in an uncomfortable feast-or-famine lifestyle.

So plan carefully and deliberately to handle real estate clients in each of these stages – and make sure you budget time to work on all stages every month.

Roger Martin