Our Real Estate Family is Growing!

Are you thinking about joining Roger Martin Properties?  For over twenty-five years, Roger Martin Properties has provided a rich, supportive environment for growing top agents. 

People Come First

At Roger Martin Properties, our mission is to provide Unmatched Personal Attention to each and every client. In this environment, the client relationship comes first - we worry about the real estate deal later. This kinder, gentler style of sales is highly effective. At Roger Martin Properties, we are proud to state that over eighty percent of our business comes from satisfied former clients and their friends.

About Our Agents

Our bullpen is a happy place, with trust and collaboration the norm. We find that our most successful agents are gregarious, enthusiastic, empathetic and out-going. To them, no one is a stranger! They are patient and sincere and more oriented to teaching than to selling. They are diligent in developing and maintaining their long-term client relationships and tolerant of the many cultures present in Houston's international community. Our agents can process complex real estate data to make it accessible to their clients. They use convenient "cloud-based" technology tools to handle clients and contracts while working outside the office. Go ahead... ask our people what it's like to work here!

About Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate atmosphere is informal. We are not large enough for formal training programs, but we offer unrivaled opportunities for hands on, one-on-one coaching. We find that those candidates that thrive in our unstructured atmosphere will generally be taking home six figures by the end of their second or third year at Roger Martin Properties.

So Call Us!

If you are thinking about joining Roger Martin Properties, we would love to hear from you. Please call us!

Roger Martin, 713-661-2300