Real Estate for Houston Newcomers

In this great, sprawling metropolis, how does a newcomer find a place to call home?

Houston is a vibrant, international city with world-class amenities, cultural diversity, a healthy economy ... and the Texas Medical Center. Houston has over two million residents living in more than 650 square miles. In fact, Houston is now the most ethnically diverse city in America, surpassing even the great melting pot of New York City. 

As real estate professionals, our job is caring for you and your family as you transition to a new home.  Let us help!

First Step: Define Your Housing Needs

Second Step: Search Homes for Sale

Use the button below to search homes for sale in Central Houston neighborhoods near the Texas Medical Center...

Search for a Home near the Texas Medical Center

Third Step: Houston is Different - Five Warnings Before You Buy

  1. It Rains a Lot!
  2. Home Construction
  3. That "No Zoning" Thing
  4. Land Prices and Green Spaces
  5. Choosing a Great Houston School 

Finally: Living The Houston Lifestyle

Roger Martin Properties is located just west of the Texas Medical Center in the City of West University Place. West U and other nearby neighborhoods are popular because of their short commute, small-town feel, quality city services, and great public schools. For over twenty-five years, we have helped hundreds of newcomers find Central Houston homes for sale near the Texas Medical Center.